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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

TAPPI Grants Technidyne’s Jerry Popson “Fellows” Recognition

Technidyne Corporation is pleased to announce that Jerry Popson, Founder and Chairman of Technidyne Corporation, will be awarded recognition as a TAPPI Fellow in 2012.

TAPPI (Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry), founded in 1915, has grown into the world’s largest professional association serving the pulp/paper, nonwovens, converting and packaging industries. Being named a TAPPI Fellow is quite an accomplishment. Less than one percent of TAPPI’s members have this title. It is a designation given to individuals who have made extraordinary technical or service contributions to the industry and/or the Association.

In 1974, Jerry Popson founded Technidyne Corporation which is still family-owned and operated. The company specializes in laboratory and process control equipment for the Pulp and Paper Industry. Mr. Popson was the first recipient of the TAPPI Process & Product Quality Division’s Leadership and Service Award in 1986. He was awarded the Division’s Technical Award and Richard S. Hunter Prize in 1997, and held the responsibility as Chairman of the Optical Properties Committee of TAPPI for over 20 years. In this capacity he developed and maintained over 20 different written standards, was the US Expert to ISO Technical Committee 6, and liaison to ASTM (American Society of Testing of Materials), ISCC (Inter-Society Color Council) and CIE (Commission Internationale de L’Eclairage).

Under Mr. Popson’s leadership, Technidyne Corporation has sold equipment into 55 different countries around the world and presented optical properties seminars in approximately 30 different countries. Technidyne’s calibration standards laboratory is the only ISO Level III Authorized Laboratory in the United States for the issuance of optical standards for the Paper Industry and is the largest such laboratory in the World.

Mr. Popson also lead breakthroughs in the area of whiteness measurement in the Paper Industry as well as the development of the ERIC 950TM technology (in conjunction with Dr. Byron Jordan of Paprican) which is now a worldwide standard for the evaluation of recycled pulp and paper. He has numerous publications including, “Measurement and Control of the Optical Properties of Paper”, which is a highly recognized text in the Industry.

Mr. Popson will be honored at the PaperCon 2012 Conference in New Orleans, LA, April 22-25, 2012.

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