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Monday, July 30, 2012

Fortune 500 Forestry & Paper Companies Use Technidyne

In July 1955, Fortune magazine started recognizing the top 500 companies in the United States. Since its founding in 1974, Technidyne Corporation has been the leading supplier of optical testing equipment to the Fortune 500 Forestry, Paper, Converting and Packaging companies.

Over the years Technidyne has supplied hundreds of quality and process control instruments to these leading US companies.  Most of this testing equipment is maintained even today by utilizing Technidyne’s preventative maintenance program and calibration standards.  Technidyne’s Service Manager said, “It’s not unusual for us to have a Preventative Maintenance contract on a piece of Technidyne equipment that dates back to the 1970’s.  We do routine checks to ensure the instrument is working correctly, replace questionable parts to keep the equipment in a proper state of operation, and calibrate it according to the appropriate ISO Standards or TAPPI Methods.”

All of the Forestry, Paper, Converting and Packaging companies listed in the Fortune 500 rely on Technidyne's expertise and quality equipment.  As an example, in the United States, one large papermaker has 89 pieces of Technidyne equipment on Preventative Maintenance in 2012. Many locations have grown to depend on our high level of service to keep their business in the Fortune 500.  One particular mill in the Southern US has 28 pieces of equipment on a routine maintenance contract. Likewise, another mill in Northern US has 50 pieces of equipment under contract.  These mills have all recognized that proper maintenance saves money and insures a better product.  Technidyne offers annual, semi-annual, and quarterly service to most of the United States and Canada.

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