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Monday, July 9, 2012

Technidyne Introduces New Process Control products at Exhibitions in USA and Asia

Technidyne introduced the FPAutoSpeck and the FPMonitAir at the PaperCon exhibition in New Orleans, LA and the Asian Paper Exhibition in Bangkok, Thailand.

These new products represent Technidyne's continued development of innovative products. The FPAutoSpeck and FPMonitAir were developed by FPInnovations in Pointe Clair (Montreal), Canada. Technidyne has been officially licensed to manufacture and bring these innovative products to the worldwide market.

In connection to the Asian Paper 2012 Exhibition, Technidyne also conducted Sales training on these products to its distribution network.  

You can learn more about these innovative new products at the following websites:

We have also introduced Social Media pages associated with these products allowing our customers to keep themselves informed on the latest information.

FPAutoSpeck Facebook Page
FPAutoSpeck Google+ Page

FPMonitAir Facebook Page
FPMonitAir Google+ Page

Technidyne is committed to continued innovation. We invite you to follow us on these popular sites to keep up to date on Technidyne activities.

Paul M Crawford
Business Director - Asia

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