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Monday, August 20, 2012

Technidyne Celebrates 38th Anniversary

Today, Technidyne Corporation is celebrating its anniversary.  Technidyne was founded August 20, 1974, in Louisville, KY by Jerry Popson.

Technidyne produces approximately 20,000 calibration standards annually.  We have preventative maintenance services which cover over 3,000 instruments annually, and our instruments have been shipped into 55 countries outside of the United States.  A sister company, Technidyne Inc. in Canada and a network of independent sales and service agents and distributors in over 30 other countries assist Technidyne in providing equipment to the worldwide Paper Industry.

Here are some significant points in Technidyne's history:
S-4 Brightimeter
1974 Founded by current Chairman S. Jerry Popson
1974 S-4 Brightimeter & BNL-2 Opacimeter
1975 Optical Properties Seminars began
1978 Technibrite TB-1
1979 First international shipment to Spain
1980 Replaced NIST as standardizing laboratory for opacity
1985 Technibrite Micro TB-1C
1985 Preventative Maintenance program began with 25 customers
1987 BNL-3 Opacimeter
1989 Glossmeter T480
1991 Began issuing calibration subscriptions
1992 ERIC 950 technology developed with PAPRICAN
1994 Certified to ISO 9002
1994 Color Touch
1997 Technidyne Inc.,  (Canada) formed
1997 Technidyne named ISO Authorized Laboratory (optical standards)
1997 Jerry Popson receives TAPPI P&PQ Division Technical Award & Hunter Prize
1998 Acquired Hagerty Technologies
1999 PROFILE/Plus introduced
2001 Color Touch PC & PROFILE/Plus Gloss, Thickness, Brightness, Roughness/Porosity
2002 PROFILE/Plus Color Touch
2003 PROFILE/Plus Grammage
2004 PROFILE/Plus Tensile Strength Alignment & DC500 w/Mill Interface
PROFILE/Plus Test System
2006 PROFILE/Plus Burst
2008 PROFILE/Plus Tensile
2009 PROFILE/Plus Formation
2010 FPAutoSpeck
2011 FPMonitAir 
2012 Jerry Popson named TAPPI Fellow 

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