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Monday, August 27, 2012

Zellcheming (Germany) Trade Show 2012

Emtec Electronic and Technidyne at Zellcheming Expo 2012

Emtec Electronic GmbH (Germany) and its sales partner Technidyne Corporation (USA) had a successful presentation at Zellcheming Expo in Wiesbaden, Germany this year. Beside the established devices they presented at their booth, customers and potential customers were very interested in the new and innovative measuring devices.

Both boasted with exciting innovations: The emtec FPO Fiber Potential Analyzer On-line, which measures the Zeta Potential of suspensions directly in the production process, was very interesting for the exhibition visitors. But especially the emtec ACA Ash Content Analyzer caught the attention of the most emtec booth visitors. On the one hand the emtec ACA allows an easy, precise and very fast determination of the total content of mineral fillers and the percentage distribution of the individual components in paper and board. So it serves as a replacement of the traditional determination method by combustion. On the other hand the prototype of the emtec ACA has got a new and modern design – especially for the presentation at Zellcheming Expo 2012.

Technidyne will offer the emtec Fiber Potential Analyzer Online and Ash Content Analyzer to its North American customers.

Technidyne showcased its new FPAutoSpeck for the on-line analysis of sticky concentration in pulp suspensions. Beside this innovate measuring device the visitors were very excited about the Technidyne FPMonitAir, which determines the entrained air content in solutions. Technidyne presented it with the aid of a transparent water tube, what attracted the interested audience.

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