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Monday, September 24, 2012

ERIC 950™ - Effective Residual Ink Concentration

Since Technidyne developed the ERIC 950™ technology with Paprican in 1993, we have worked with customers around the world to use the Effective Residual Ink Concentration (ERIC) 950 in deinking applications to make their processes more efficient.  Below are a few important points about ERIC 950™.
Deinking is more efficient

  • The ERIC 950™ is very fast, only a few seconds
  • The Color Touch offers additional measurements of ISO brightness, color, opacity, fluorescence and metamerism without the need of additional equipment
  • The Technidyne Color Touch ERIC 950™ meets industry standards TAPPI T 567, ISO 22754, and PAPTAC E.8
  • The absorption information provided during the ERIC 950™ analysis can assist the operator in making the best process control decisions, i.e. whether to deink further or bleach further
  • The ERIC 950™ can be used to determine the effectiveness of different processes, chemicals, different pH levels, etc.
  • ERIC 950™ is used side-by-side with image analysis many times since image analysis is better with larger particles (near the beginning of the deinking process) and ERIC is used closer to the end of the process where smaller particles persist

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