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Monday, September 10, 2012

Now Accepting 2013 Calibration Subscriptions

An instrument can only be as accurate as the standard to which it is calibrated.  This is a familiar line from the Optical Properties Seminars that Technidyne has done over the last 38 years.  The bottom line is that calibration is important.

Technidyne's ISO Authorized Laboratory for the issuance of Level 3 optical reference standards is accepting subscription orders for 2013.

Technidyne annually issues over 20,000 calibration standards to the worldwide Paper Industry.  There are only 5 ISO Authorized Labs dealing with optical paper calibration standards.  Technidyne is the only commercial organization. All the other labs are national institutes of their respective countries.  Technidyne was nominated by ANSI and is the only Authorized Lab in the United States.

Optical calibration standards are used to ensure that the customer's instrument is operating in accordance with the appropriate ISO Standard. The standards also ensure excellent repeatability and reproducibility and can be used to diagnose potential electronic and optical problems that occur with instruments over time.  Each set contains standards evaluated on a Master instrument with varying ranges, a traceability certificate and a verification form.

If you have questions about these standards, other calibration standards, round robin testing or other testing services, please contact Jon Saatvedt, Technical Service Manager, at

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