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Monday, October 22, 2012

Preventative Maintenance Pays Off

Technidyne has offered Preventative Maintenance (PM) on its instruments since 1985.  This is similar to routine maintenance on your car to make sure it runs well and for years to come.  During a PM visit the instrument 'current' state is checked, the instrument has routine maintenance performed (cleaning, checking voltages, etc.). Finally, the instrument is calibrated and rechecked for its 'as left' data.  Also, during PM visits general maintenance questions can be asked and features can be demonstrated.   

Technidyne responded to a recent Service Call.  The Service Call cost the customer US$3,751 more than a normal PM would have cost.  The cost was substantially more because additional costs such as labor, airfare, hotel, rental car and training are borne only by one customer. PM is normally performed during a scheduled trip which includes multiple customers who can then share these costs.   

Instead of accepting the normal PM, this customer has paid for Service Calls each of the last two years.  the additional cost could have paid for 9 additional PM visits.

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