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Monday, November 26, 2012

Technidyne Services Emtec Equipment

Emtec & AFG are sister companies founded in Germany to develop paper testing technology.
  • Emtec - tissue softness, printability, glueability, coating color, dimensional stability, ball burst, deposit monitoring
  • AFG - particle charge and zeta potential measurement devices
Since 2009, Technidyne has been the exclusive sales and service agent for Emtec/AFG in the United States and Canada.  Technidyne can add your Emtec and/or AFG equipment to your normal Preventative Maintenance schedule.

Below is just an example of some of the products serviced by Technidyne in cooperation with Emtec/AFG. 

TSA Tissue Softness Analyzer
Multifunctional Measuring Instrument to assess the Softness, Elasticity and Compressibility of Tissue and Fabrics as well as the Ball Burst Strength, Thickness and Grammage
  • Measurement of the softness, elasticity and compressibility of tissue and fabrics as well as the ball burst strength, thickness and grammage
  • Assessment of the two-sidedness regarding softness of tissue paper
  • Area of Use:
    • production control
    • product optimization
    • comparison of products
    • R&D
    • selection/incoming control of pulp/fibers (hand sheet measurement
CAS Charge Analysing System  

cas.pngThe CAS particle charge measurement system takes traditional methods of measuring streaming potential and establishes a new era of technology and comfort in particle charge analysis.  Using industry accepted techniques of titration CAS determines cationic/anionic and acid/base demands of aqueous charge systems.  Both streaming potential (mV) and pH are measured simultaneously.  This makes it easy to determine isoelectric and flocculation points of a sample.  The integrated titrator also eliminates the need for hand titrations, saves time and increases accuracy. This is essential in busy labs and situations where the consumption rate is very low.