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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Technidyne Services Techpap Equipment

Techpap is a commercial company founded by the French Research Center for Pulp & Paper (CTP) to market Laboratory equipments and on-line sensors
  • Techpap has now more than 20 years of experience producing & selling equipments around the world for the Pulp & Paper Quality monitoring and Process optimization
  • Techpap can rely on the expertise and leading research groups of those 2 Institutes : CTP & INPG-PAGORA located in Grenoble France
Since 2010, Technidyne has been the exclusive sales and service agent for Techpap in the United States and Canada.  Technidyne can add your Techpap equipment to your normal Preventative Maintenance schedule. Also, Technidyne has been factory-trained at Techpap in Grenoble, France to be able to perform service and provide parts directly in North America.

Below is just an example of some of the products serviced by Technidyne in cooperation with Techpap. 

The MorFi Compact (pulp morphology) is specifically designed for intensive laboratory use and provides a complete interface for the treated data display. This slimmed down version of the MorFi Lab unit offers identical optics & flow cell measurement characteristics to ensure a blockage free process control as well as measurement accuracy. MorFi is able to detect:
  - Fibers
  - Fines
  - Shives
  - Vessels 

The 2D Lab Formation Sensor is based on the 2D Online Formation Tester using the same optics, electronics and results algorithm.

A CCD camera takes look-through images of a sample backlit by a stroboscope. The intensity of the light is regulated by the computer to obtain a constant homogeneous tone as well as a constant grey level average of the image. By automatically controlling the light intensity, formation of sheets with varying basis weights, colors or opacities can be compared. 

The basis weight range is very large, from 5 g/m2, tissue, non woven, printing and writing, up to testliner, virgin board (even dyed) over 600 g/m2. The system can also be used for white paper over 1000 g/m2.

The Kheops (mottle) is a laboratory sensor designed to easily provide accurate and repeatable evaluations on

 - Quality of offset impressions, print mottle, and the quality of coating application.
 - Paper, Board or other flat material surface roughness.
 - White top board quality evaluation.

The Simpatic 2IP (on-line dirt) is the result of 15+ years of experience in deinking and pulp cleanliness research dedicated to the development of instruments to create solutions in this area. The Simpatic 2IP is the perfect tool for online dirt detection, is simple to install, easy to use and perfectly representative of the process contamination.

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