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Monday, January 21, 2013

Modular vs 'Big-Box' Automated Testing

Technidyne's PROFILE/Plus automated test system has existed for over 12 years.  It was the first modular approach to automated testing in the Paper Industry.  Before the PROFILE/Plus modular concept customers had to purchase an entire 'big-box' system all at once. To justify the US$1 Million price tag, people were eliminated, major cost justifications were instituted, and a fixed set of tests were etched in stone for 10 years.  By contrast most PROFILE/Plus systems have been built over time. Many PROFILE/Plus systems were started with an initial investment of US$15,000.  Manpower is usually reallocated to more important, analytical tasks after PROFILE/Plus implementation since the automated system provides efficient, frequent, quality data on each roll of paper.

Over time, as testing needs and strategic objectives change, PROFILE/Plus systems can be reconfigured to accommodate the new requirements of the mill.  In some cases a single system is split into two systems. This is simply not possible with traditional, 'big-box' systems, and the investment is thousands of dollars with the PROFILE/Plus instead US$500,000 or more for the 'big-box.'

The US$1 Million price tag for a 'big-box' system doesn't even include the cost to install the 10 ft X 5 ft structure into the lab.  PROFILE/Plus modules sit on the existing counter top.

Since the inception of the PROFILE/Plus product line, compatibility has been a core feature.  As an example, Technidyne still maintains Hagerty Technologies smoothness, porosity and opacity modules which are over 20 years old.  Therefore, if you are building a system over time, you can feel confident that you won't have to be concerned about compatibility.

Tailor making a system to meet your mill requirements is easily accomplished with PROFILE/Plus, today and tomorrow. 

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