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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Recent Standards Committee Activities (Feb. 2013)

TAPPI issues a Standards & TIPS Action Report (STAR) on a regular basis to keep industry personnel up to speed with activities in various committees and organizations.
TAPPI STAR - February 2013


Some highlights include:
  • New or revised TAPPI Standards
  • Announcement of TAPPI Standards in Ballot
  • Proposed new Standards
  • 26 TAPPI Standards coming up for review
  • Announcements - How to propose a new Standard or Technical Information Paper (TIP)
  • Where to access the list of suppliers providing equipment and supplies for TAPPI Standards
  • A list of common acronyms:
    • TIP = Technical Information Paper
    • SSIG = Standard-Specific Interest Group
    • om = Official Method
    • pm = Provisional Method
    • cm = Standard Practice
    • UM = Useful Method
  •  How to search and order TAPPI Standards
Technidyne is actively involved in organizations such as TAPPI, ISO and PAPTAC to ensure there are meaningful and usable standards for us in the Paper Industry.

Learn more at Technidyne's Website.

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