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Monday, March 4, 2013

What does Roll Hardness tell you? (Part 1)

Technidyne sells and services the Tapio RQP (Roll Hardness) in North America.  There are many different applications where this device can diagnose issues in our mill.  Here are a few:

Caliper measurement is not enough to control the quality of the parent reels.  
In the following figure, the on-line caliper profile is even (top).  The lab caliper profile is slightly lower on the edges (middle)The reel hardness profile illustrates soft edges, problems with edge rolls (bottom).

Roll Corrugation Problem

Basis weight and caliper profiles are even (top & middle), but in hardness there is a clear soft area between 29 and 37 (bottom).

Learn more about other applications in Wednesday's blog.  Also, get additional information by going to Technidyne and Tapio RQP websites.

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