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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Service Bulletin: Hagerty Instruments

Hagerty Technologies started producing testing equipment in 1987.  In 1998, Hagerty was purchased by Technidyne Corporation.  Those original Hagerty-designed instruments were transformed into the PROFILE/Plus automated test system.  After 25 years, the Hagerty Technologies instruments and many of those then produced by Technidyne are being retired because parts are no longer available.

Hagerty Instruments including Model 538 Roughness, Model 1 Porosity, and Model 425 Opacity testers. Also included are all versions of Auto-Feed (SAF and AF1). Note: This bulletin supersedes T-19 published in 2008 which notified customers that the Hagerty product line was no longer in production and eventually support would be discontinued.

REPAIR PARTS ARE NO LONGER AVAILABLE. This includes all electronic components and custom mechanical parts. If any electronic or mechanical parts fail, the instrument is deemed unserviceable.  

Technidyne will endeavor to continue offering Preventative Maintenance (PM) service to calibrate and maintain these instruments. In the event an instrument cannot be calibrated on PM, the instrument will be deemed unserviceable and can no longer be certified.

Technidyne offers updated technology to replace these retired instruments. For details please email your Technidyne Territory Manager using the following links:

US Midwest
US Northeast
US South
US West
Europe & Africa
Mexico, Central & South America
Asia & Mideast

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