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Friday, May 24, 2013

Brightness & Color Measurement No Longer Available

What if you walked into your mill, lab or office today and found you could no longer get brightness and color data on your product? How many decisions each day related to process, pricing and marketing are related to brightness and color?

The truth is you can't run your paper mill, additive business, printing operation or converting facility without brightness and color data.

Think of your quality lab and control room as if they were a hospital room. There are many
devices connected to the one we love, and they each give us vital information on their health. Data on blood pressure, heart rate and oxygen level are read out directly and continuously. Reports are sent to nurses and doctors monitoring the progress. This is just like the critical quality and process data we receive on our mill operations.  How effective could we give treatment to patients without heart rate or blood pressure information? Likewise, how can we effectively manage our processes and quality without brightness and color data?

Since these devices are so important, why to companies continue to cut spending on calibration standards and preventative maintenance?  Treat these critical components of your operation with the respect they deserve: subscribe to calibration standards, continue regular preventative maintenance and update training on the history, function and application of these measures.

Brightness and color are the lifeblood of paper, treat them that way.

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