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Sunday, May 5, 2013

New High OBA TAPPI Calibration Standard

The TAPPI Optical Properties Committee is in the process of seeking participants in a round robin test to determine the effectiveness of new high OBA (optical brightening agent) calibration verification standards. In recent years more and more OBA is used in paper production, however, there are no calibration standards for use with directional i.e. TAPPI optical geometry, to verify calibration at this level. 

The standards will have a TAPPI brightness near 96 and a fluorescent component of brightness of approximately 9 unitsThe statistics have to be run in order to add them to the Precision Statement of TAPPI Test Method T452.  This round robin is being conducted through the Standard Specific Interest Group (SSIG) of T452 of the Optical Properties Committee.

Technidyne will be conducting the round robin using a new format for the standards which may be easier to use.

If you have questions or want to participate, please contact me, .

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