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Thursday, June 13, 2013

FPInnovations Invests in Testing

I am visiting our office in Canada this week and have some meetings with FPInnovations, too.  FPInnovations recently purchased three new pieces of test equipment.  Technidyne Inc. (Canada) delivered the instruments to FPInnovations. I saw all three in the labs in Pointe Claire today.

Technidyne Color-Touch 2 - ISO conforming spectrophotometer for measuring color, brightness, opacity and fluorescence

Emtec Tissue Softness Analyzer - measures softness, elasticity and compressibility

Huygen Internal Bond Tester - Scott bond measurement

We discussed how they are going to use each instrument. I saw the PROFILE/Plus system which has been moved to a different lab (pictured below).

I am attending the PAPTAC Standard Methods Committee meeting at FPInnovations tomorrow.

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