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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Kheops Measures Appearance for Graphic Packaging

Graphic Packaging is using the Kheops in place of the old appearance measurement device that was originally developed by a chemical supplier.  Graphic Packaging needed to continue to evaluate the variation in white appearance of its board, but it wanted independence from this old device.

The Kheops takes an image of the sample with the camera facing down 180 degrees from the sample
using neon light.  The measurement area is a 25mm square area.  Graphic Packaging coats the board with a white coating.  The problem is a variation in the white appearance due to flocs, fiber density, voids and other variations in the board.  This variation will show through the white coating and give an unappealing mottled look to the finished product.  The Kheops can measure this variation in the different white levels as well as provide a size class distribution of the white appearance variation.  The Kheops set up to measure two size families.   The higher the index number for these two families the worse the white appearance on the board.  Graphic Packaging uses these numbers to quantify production quality.

The next time you buy beer or cereal, thank the people at Graphic Packaging for using the Kheops to give you a nice looking package.

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