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Sunday, June 9, 2013

What Do ERs and Paper Mills Have in Common?

A couple of weeks ago one of our employees was stricken with a medical emergency which forced him into the Emergency Room and a few nights in the Hospital.

Calibration and replacing deteriorating components
It reminded me of how the Preventative Maintenance program started at Technidyne.  In the early 1980's, two of Technidyne's service technicians had previous experience in the medical device industry. They realized that paper companies relied as heavily on their equipment as hospitals and emergency rooms. Neither was willing to accept equipment that had not been maintained and calibrated on a regular basis.  The Technidyne Preventative Maintenance program was born in 1985 to give paper companies the same confidence in the test equipment as the medical equipment patients and doctors rely on in hospitals.

Our employee is back on the track to recovery. However, your equipment should never have to endure this fate if a solid Preventative Maintenance program is in place for your critical instrumentation.

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