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Friday, August 16, 2013

Technidyne Employee Retires after 39 Years

Joyce Harris, Finance & Human Resources Manager, is retiring from Technidyne after nearly 39 years of dedicated service to the company.  Joyce started with Technidyne shortly after its inception in 1974. She had worked with founder, Jerry Popson, at a previous employer.  Joyce evolved as the company evolved from basic bookkeeping, answering phone, typing letters and other clerical work to manage the Finance and Human Resource parts of the business.

She was a tireless worker and great 'team player.'  Joyce was a model in some of Technidyne's instrument literature. She organized countless business and personal celebrations for Technidyne.

Joyce was a key player in creating the culture of Technidyne now known as our DNA:

Technidyne's passion for customer satisfaction drives us to be the best in the world at developing economical and creative solutions.
Joyce on the Total Reflectometer Brochure in the 1970's.

Joyce will be missed by coworkers, customers and vendors. She is planning on spending time with her two grandchildren and traveling the country in the trailer her husband, Jim, recently purchased upon his retirement.

We wish Joyce and Jim the best in their retirement and pray for their continued health and happiness.

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