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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Case Study: Reduce Roll Rejects

One of the worst things to happen in manufacturing is when your customer rejects your product. A paper mill that manufactures a coated paper was being plagued by product rejects on a specific grade. The end user complained of printability issues. The print would not hold ink across sections of the paper. The problem was not always there, but often enough that they were losing confidence in the mill's ability to provide a consistent product. The paper mill tried many things over the course of a year to figure out what was causing the issue. Retesting the rejected product did show an issue with the surface coating, however, the paper mill was unable to detect the problem during the manufacturing process.

This paper mill performed manual testing. Several spots across the web would be tested for various properties. Unfortunately, the areas with the issue were often missed. Fortunately the paper mill installed a Technidyne PROFILE/Plus System. Finally, the paper mill was able to see a true, high-frequency profile of the data across the web for the first time. It was always exciting to watch a customer get excited using your product to resolve a long standing issue.

Quickly the paper mill was questioning their long-standing paper making process. Based on the profile data which provided more data points across the web, they began tweaking the process to tighten up specs across the machine. With the data from the PROFILE/Plus automated testing system, they could identify the spots across the paper machine and offline coaters that had issues:

  • caliper problems 44 inches from the front side
  • surface scratch due to worn doctor blades 150 inches from the front side
  • loose roller sections on offline coaters at specific locations

Within two months the customer happily reported that they were producing a higher quality product. They attributed this to the higher frequency automated testing provided by the PROFILE/Plus. The ability to quickly and easily see a full profile of data helped this paper mill reduce roll rejects and other customer issues. The paper mill was doing a good job before, but now are doing a great job.

Learn more about automated testing and see a video of PROFILE/Plus and automated Tensile.

This case study was submitted by PROFILE/Plus Specialist, Mike L.

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