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Thursday, February 13, 2014

ISO TC 6 (Paper, board and pulps) Meeting in The Netherlands

The ISO Technical Committee (TC) 6 for Paper, board and pulps is meeting April 7-11 in Delft, The Netherlands.  Some of the Working Groups (WG) that will be meeting include:

WG 3 - Optical Properties
WG 4 - Chemical Properties
WG 10 - Automated Testing
WG 12 - Accelerated Aging
WG 25 - Surface Roughness
WG 26 - Microbiological
WG 27 - Tissue Test Methods
WG 37 - Air Permeance
WG 39 - Printability Testing
WG 41 - Contact Angle
WG 42 - Internal Bond Strength

and AHG1 (Ad-hoc Group) - Nanocellulose

Technidyne has participated in ISO, TAPPI PAPTAC, and many other technical committees for 40 years. If you have questions, always feel free to use us as your technical resource.

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