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Friday, April 4, 2014

ISO Optical Properties Authorized Lab (OPAL) Meeting - April 3 & 4

OPAL Attendees (L-R): Front - Li Yang (Innventia), Jon Saatvedt (Technidyne); Back - Lyne Cormier (TC6 Chair/FPInnovations), Joanne Zwinkles (Chair WG3), Sylvie Moreau-Tabiche (CTP), and Todd Popson (Technidyne)

The ISO OPAL (Optical Properties Authorized Laboratory) group met in Delft, Netherlands April 3 & 4, 2014 at NEN (Netherlands Standardization Institute).  This group is comprised of organizations which have been approved via ISO 4094 to provide optical calibration standards for ISO Standard 2469 conforming instruments.  The group meets in person at least every 18 months to review data and comparisons among each other. Also, procedures, issues and techniques are discussed with the group.  The Chairperson of ISO TC 6 (Technical Committee on paper, pulp and paperboard) WG3 (Working Group on optical properties) leads the discussion.  The group does share readings, data and concerns on an ongoing basis as well.  Current members include:

  * Technidyne Corporation (USA)

  * FPInnovations (Canada)
  * Innventia (Sweden)
  * Labtium (Finland)
  * CTP (France)

This coming week the full WG3 will meet to discuss existing and future work items at NEN.

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