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Monday, May 26, 2014

Improving Sheet Forming

Techpap On-Line 2D Formation
IBS uses the Techpap On-Line 2D to set up their iTable.  The iTable has many adjustment points and can take input from the refiners, furnish blend and headbox.  By using the 2D, IBS can very accurately adjust the furnish, refining, headbox and table to meet the formation requirements to achieve a particular production.  In the past IBS needed to make a complete paper roll to test before changes could be made.  This could take weeks to get a table set up.  With the 2D this setup time has been shortened to days.

As seen with these technologies, the higher pulsation frequency (150-600 Hz), the higher the microturbulence produced resulting in the highest shear levels possible during the forming process. This results in increased fiber mobility and the best possible formation.

This will affect the following paper quality and machine properties:
  • Drainage
  • Formation
  • Basis weight and moisture profiles
  • Fiber orientation
Benefits include:
  • Increased drainage capacity
  • Increased refining capacity
  • Improved formation
  • Improved smoothness
  • Improved TSO angle profiles
  • Improved tensile ratios
  • Increased sheet strength
  • Reduced basis weight
  • Reduced chemical cost
  • Increased machine speed
IBS iTable video

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