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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

40th Anniversary Luncheon

We had our Technidyne 40th Anniversary luncheon yesterday at Technidyne. We were blessed to have nearly all our full-time employees from around the globe in attendance (we missed you, John A.). We also had a number of our retired employees attend.

Founder, Jerry Popson, recalling the early years at Technidyne.
After a great country-style meal, we enjoyed listening to Jerry Popson, founder and majority-owner, reminisce about the early years at Technidyne. Thanks to Jerry for being a good sport. I did not tell him ahead of time that I would be interviewing him in front of everyone.  Everyone learned a lot about the history of the company. From the origin of the name Technidyne (which could have been Jerrydyne) to the difficulty of starting a new business we all walked away with a better appreciation of the past.

We have a lot to appreciate about our past, but we also have a very bright future. Keep an eye on Technidyne as we charge ahead, beyond just 40 years in business!

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