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Thursday, September 4, 2014

From Jerry Popson (Chairman and founder)

To All Technidyne Employees and Retirees,

At the luncheon a couple of weeks ago celebrating the 40th anniversary of Technidyne Corporation I was blindsided by my son, Todd, who proceeded to put me on the spot and ask me several questions (interrogated me) about the early days of Technidyne. Even though I was surprised it turned out to be great fun to reminisce about the old days. I was shocked that I was able to remember that far back (more than two weeks) but I enjoyed the exercise.

Only after the party was over did I remember that I forgot to thank all those who were responsible for our 40 years of success. These days it is rare for a small high-tech company, especially for a family owned company, to operate successfully for two generations over a period of 40 years. No company can be great without having great employees and I feel that we have been very blessed with great, hard working, and loyal people.

I want to express my deep appreciation to all of you who had a hand in the establishment and continued success of Technidyne. Many people have told me that Technidyne is a SPECIAL company and I couldn’t agree more. Success through integrity and hard work is hard to come by now days but you have all made it happen. Let’s make it another 40 years, except that if I’m still around for that celebration, you will have to strap me onto the stool.

Jerry Popson

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