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Thursday, November 20, 2014

New Training Facility

Our new training room at Technidyne has been getting a lot of use since its completion earlier this year.  Technidyne employee training and customer training is performed in this newly created space.

In August, Ilka Mustonen from ACA Systems led a training session on the new RoQ (roll hardness) as well as the Permi (on-line porosity) and ACAV A2 & A4 (coating and pigment runnability).  In October, Alex Gruner from Emtec and AFG did a training session on their products including the TSA (tissue softness), CAS (charge analyzer), FPA (fiber potential) and DFA (dynamic filtration).

In December, we have customers from Neenah Paper receiving training on their new PROFILE/Plus automated testing system.

Technidyne is exploring new opportunities to offer training to customers and agents. Let us know if you have ideas via email.

Thanks to Leslie Lewis & Associates and Upton Pry for making this a great facility.

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