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Monday, December 8, 2014

New Standards Format: TAPPI Brightness & Color

Old 1.5" X 2" TAPPI paper calibration tabs
In early 2015, Technidyne will introduce a new format for TAPPI brightness and color calibration standards. 

For over 50 years, TAPPI optical calibration has been performed using small 1.5 inch X 2 inch paper 'tabs'.  The new format will consist of a tablet which is easier to handle and will provide more consistent data since the measurements will come from the same sheet of paper. In past, it was possible that the tabs were each from a different sheet of paper.

The instructions will be:

1. Fold back protective sheet on the bottom of the pad.


2. Place the pad over the sample aperture.
3. Align the standard, matching the marks on the standard with the rectangle on the sample plate of the instrument.

4. Center the instrument light beam in the first circle, parallel to the long direction of the pad.

5. Place the 1 kg backing weight over the are to be measured.
6. Record the value.

7. Lift the pad and repeat steps 3 through 7 for each circle.

NOTE: Do not damage the surface being tested by dragging or sliding the standard across the instrument aperture.

Please let us know if you have comments or ideas on how these will be best implemented. Contact our Lab Manager, Nick Riggs.

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