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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Paper Week Canada: Feb. 2-5, 2015

Technidyne will have a lot of new technology on display at Paper Week in Montreal, Canada next week (Feb. 2-5) in Booth #3. Some of the products on display will be:

Technidyne Color Touch X - The most sophisticated yet easy to use spectrophotometer built specifically for the Pulp & Paper Industry. It boasts expanded wavelength capabilities (360-740 nm), simple touch screen user interface and 5 nm bandpass. All of these things make the Color Touch X the most repeatable and reproducible color and brightness instrument ever built according to ISO 2469.

ACA RoQ - Portable roll hardness measurement made easy. This device has a built in touch screen display and rechargeable battery for immediate feedback and longer life. ROI on this device is so quick, most customers buy more than one.

Emtec Tissue Softness Analyzer - Already the worldwide standard for objective softness analysis, this instrument provides reliable and consistent results for softness measurement.

Technidyne will also be hosting Optimization Workshops (Richelieu Room)

Monday, Feb. 2
 - 13:30 - When standard measurement (Cobb, Bendtsen/Sheffield) comes to it limit.
 - 15:30 - Optimal process control using particle and fiber surface charge measurement

Tuesday, Feb. 3
 - 10:30 - Roll quality profiling when caliper variations are too small to be detected by online scanners or test labs
 - 15:30 - Optical properties: perception versus reality

Wednesday, Feb. 4
 - 13:30 - Optical properties: perception versus reality
 - 15:30 - Efficient process optimization and objective quality control: using the Tissue Softness Analyzer

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