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Monday, April 13, 2015

FPAutoSpeck™: Stickies Measurement

The FPAutoSpeck which was developed by FPInnovations, screens and measures heavy and light stickies. Historically, most people use TAPPI T277 for stickies measurement. However, this process is very time consuming and subjective. This leads to poor repeatability. It also does not provide information quick enough to make adjustments to the process when 'stickies storms' or other disruptions occur. The FPAutoSpeck can be run manually or connected with an auto-sampler to provide automatic sampling and testing.  Below is a brief comparison of the FPAutoSpeck with TAPPI T277.

Some advantages to the FPAutoSpeck™ compared to TAPPI T277:
  1. Automatic testing
  2. Four measurements per hour
  3. Objective & repeatable  

Studies are ongoing. Please let us know if you want to test some samples or have questions about applications.

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