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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Introducing - Color Touch™ X

Color Touch™ X is the next great development from the most trusted name in the world for optical measurements in the Paper Industry, Technidyne!

In May 2015, Technidyne will be in production of the newest technology in color measurement for the Pulp, Paper and Allied Industries, the Color Touch™ X.

Color Touch™ X
A new generation of ISO-conforming spectrophotometer

  • Xpanded wavelength capability beyond the normal visible spectrum
  • Xtremely tight measurement resolution
  • Xtraordinary repeatability and reproducibility
  • Xceptional touch screen user interface
  • Xclusive, built-in swing-in standard
  • Xpress automatic calibration
  • Xplosive trending capability
  • Xtensible measurement capabilities
  • Xquisite new look and design
  • Xcellent reputation for quality
Orders have already been received from all around the world for the most anticipated improvement in optical measurement, Color Touch™ X.  The next in the line of color instruments provided by the most trusted name in optical measurement in the Paper Industry, TECHNIDYNE!

Contact Technidyne for more details.

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