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Friday, June 12, 2015

Summer is Heating Up

Many times in business, summer is a time for vacations and slow down in terms of production and activity. At Technidyne, summer 2015 is ripe with activity.  Here are a few highlights...

Color Touch X is moving from Engineering to Production. The first shipments of the long awaited evolution of the Color Touch family of instruments will be going to customers.  Many Color Touch X instruments are already on order and demonstration instruments will be heading out for sales people to show to customers. Let us know if you want to see the best spectrophotometer in the world!

TEST/Plus is progressing with several devices (gloss and caliper) moving into pre-production. This is when we build 3-5 units to test drawings, kit lists and do R&R studies. These units will then move into production in late summer.  Also, new designs in the TEST/Plus line are moving along which will result in additional releases this fall.

The 2015 International Sales Meeting and Service Certification Training will be held in August at Technidyne Corporation in New Albany, Indiana, USA. Agents from around the world will get training on features, operation and service of new equipment from Technidyne.

E-commerce capabilities via our partnership with is expected to come on line this summer as well. Initially, customers will be able to order calibration standards and get recertifications started on-line. Eventually, additional parts and instruments will be available for order directly from the web.

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