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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Technidyne Gets "Fresh" Calibration from NRC

Technidyne has just received its transfer standards (IR2) from NRC (National Research Council Canada).  The updated IR2 calibration will be used on the Master equipment and standards produced in July will include this fresh calibration.  

ISO Authorized Laboratories get fresh IR2 calibration from NRC on a regular basis. This is then used to produce the IR3 standards that everyday users calibrate their ISO 2469 conforming equipment. Calibration for optical properties in the Paper Industry includes calibration of spectral reflectance (minimally 400-700 nm), fluorescent (UV Level D65 & C) and non-fluorescent levels.  ISO employs a three level system of distribution of calibration standards as described in ISO 2469.  The three levels are:

IR1: The perfect reflecting diffuse (absolute reflectance)

IR2: Standardizing laboratories; National Research Council of Canada (NRC), NIST (USA) and PTB (Germany)

IR3: Authorized laboratories according to ISO 4094:

         USA        Technidyne Laboratory Services

         Canada    FPInnovations
         France     Centre Technique due Papier
         Sweden   Innventia

Standard Issue

ISO Standardizing

Establishes IR1 (perfect reflecting diffuse)
Evaluates IR2 against IR1

IR2 (level 2 standard)
ISO Authorized
Evaluates IR3 against IR2

IR3 (level 3 standard)
Calibrates test instrumentation with IR3

All of the ISO Authorized Laboratories exchange IR3's on a monthly basis to see how they agree and as a diagnostic tool to detect errors.  The labs also meet at least every 18 months to discuss procedures, discrepancies, concerns and coordinate projects.

To learn more about Technidyne's calibration process and materials, contact Nick Riggs and see our website Technidyne Laboratory Services

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