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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Technidyne Employees, Here to Stay!

2011 Thanksgiving Turkey Shoot with Nerf Guns
One of the key elements of a small, family-owned company like Technidyne Corporation is the ability of the owners and managers to get to know employees and develop relationships which last. Yes, employees have a job to do, but greater understanding of people's objectives, goals and challenges can occur.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics of the U.S. Department of Labor report issued in 2014 had the following:

  • Median tenure  - men 4.7 years & women 4.5 years (unchanged from the 2012 report)
  • Percent of workers with 10 years or more tenure - men 30% & women 28%
For Technidyne, average tenure is 17 years and the percent of workers with 10 years or more tenure is 72.5% with 38% having 20 years or more tenure. We have achieved this even with some recent departures.
2010 NCAA Basketball Sweet 16 Corn Hole Tournament

We are very proud of these facts. It is difficult to keep workers these days. With changing demographics, increasing global competition, more legal concerns/constraints and changing technology, workers often find many different reasons to move to other employment.

We cherish our hard-working employees that help us achieve higher levels of success. We invest in them through training, updated work spaces, a brand new kitchen/break-room, cook-outs, and the occasional creative idea (e.g. going to see Spider Man at the movies, company trivia contest, BINGO, Turkey Shoot with Nerf guns for Thanksgiving, and Sweet 16 corn hole tournament among others.)

Thanks to our employees for helping make Technidyne a great company!

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