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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Local Service Worldwide

Last week was the 2015 International Sales Meeting at Technidyne Corporation headquarters in New Albany, Indiana.  This week many of the agents from around the world stayed to get Certified Advanced Service Capability.  This advanced, hands-on training ensures that Technidyne customers worldwide have local service capability. 
Agents getting more hands-on training with FPAutoSpeck
Technidyne agents that have Certified Advanced Service Capability are capable of performing routine preventative maintenance, including:
  • Complete instrument calibration. This means full verification of operation including checking linearity, zero, spectral, and agreement with standards.
  • Replacement of normal wear parts such as lamps and air filters.
  • Repair and/or replacement of defective parts. Technicians carry a supply of parts to repair most service problems encountered in the field.
  • Cleaning of optics.
  • Checking power supply and each electronic component for stability and integrity.
  • Performance of minor upgrades and modifications as needed.
This also means the agent is capable of performing repairs in their exclusive territory and they are capable of providing these service in other countries in the region, if necessary.   

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