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Friday, August 7, 2015

Technidyne 2015 Sales Meeting - Day 3

On Day 3, breakfast was hosted by our Lab Department.  All of the lab technicians were introduced and an overview of the Lab's responsibilities was reviewed.

As a carry-over from Day 2, the agents received more hands-on time with the FPAutoSpeck™, including data analysis and mill installation exercises.  

The afternoon started with a discussion of PROFILE/Plus™ laboratory testing automation.  There was a review of many of the successes of the PROFILE/Plus™ in North America.  The user interface was also discussed in detail.

The group wrapped up the day by racing go-karts. The event culminated with a final heat involving the best racers from each of the 7 teams.  Trophies were awarded to the three top competitors:
  • 1st Place: Tommy (IDM Instruments - Australia)
  • 2nd Place: Stefan (emtec electronics - Germany)
  • 3rd Place: Lance (Contract Instrumentation Services - New Zealand)

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