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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Budgeting for 2016? Some reminders...

Many are budgeting for 2016. Here at Technidyne we want to be your partner in this respect. We can be involved in understanding:

  1. Instrument needs
  2. Replacement instruments
  3. Service needs
  4. Calibration standards
  5. Testing services
Instrument Needs
Many companies have mandates as they move toward new product offerings, operating cost reductions and data requirements. Technidyne can help evaluate where you are today and what may be the most cost effective way to move forward.

Replacement Instruments
Technidyne instruments are robust and many instruments in the field are well over 20 years old. However, with the Color Touch™ XTEST/Plus™, and PROFILE/Plus™, Technidyne offers many opportunities to update your instrumentation at a reasonable cost while enhancing your capabilities.

Service Needs
Reductions in man power over the years has left many of our customers short handed. They do not have the people to keep up with maintenance and calibration. Technidyne's team of regional service personnel offers greater opportunities to assist on an annual, semi-annual, quarterly or even monthly basis. Service personnel are always close by, but scheduled service saves you money and time.

TEST/Plus Gloss
Calibration Standards
Technidyne is known for its calibration standards offerings. Now with, anyone can shop, purchase and receive standards on their time frame. New items are being added regularly to meet your calibration and routine service needs.

As requirements and competition changes, the need for additional or new data arises. Technidyne's laboratory offers testing services of many kinds. From round robin testing to receiving data from new tests, there is a breadth of knowledge and data that can help one best decide how to tackle your daily challenges.

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