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Thursday, September 10, 2015

TEST/Plus Gloss Available NOW

Technidyne has already shipped the first few TEST/Plus Gloss units to the market. The new gloss instrument is available in 75° and 20° versions. The TEST/Plus Gloss is one of a new generation of laboratory test equipment from Technidyne which 
provides features such as:

  • Fast measurement
  • Meets TAPPI and ISO Standards
  • Adaptive interface
  • Averaging and statistics
  • Data trending
  • Multiple sample evaluation
  • Printer
  • Bluetooth administrative interface
  • Touch-screen user interface
  • Compact design
All TEST/Plus devices have basic measurement capabilities for a budget-friendly price. Additional features can be added by purchasing applications for your particular needs. The Technidyne T480A Glossmeter has been available since the late 1980's. Step into something modern, something inexpensive, something easy to use and something new. Look at the TEST/Plus Gloss.

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