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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Standards Committee Activities: ISO & TAPPI

Last week during TAPPI CorrExpo in Louisville, KY, several standards committees met.  Each year these committees meet at least two times, once in the Spring and again in the Fall. All of these committees write, edit, review, update and withdraw test methods and standards that are used within the Pulp & Paper Industry.

US TAG to ISO TC 6 (TAG = Technical Advisory Group)
Chairman - Todd Popson, Technidyne Corporation
The US TAG is responsible for developing the United States position on proposed new work items and the review of existing work items for ISO TC 6 (Pulp, Paper and Board)

TAPPI Process & Product Quality Division Council
Chairman - Steve Berg, Thwing-Albert

TAPPI Optical Properties Committee
Chairman - Pat Robertson, XR Labs

TAPPI Pulp & Chemical Properties Committee
Chairman - Kelly Guay

TAPPI Tissue Properties Subcommittee
Chairman - Dave Loebker, Proctor & Gamble

TAPPI Physical Properties Committee
Chairman - Chris Czyryca, Collaborative Testing Services

TAPPI Standards Advisory Review Group (SARG)
Chairman - Laurence Womack, TAPPI
The group that gives final approval for TAPPI Standards

TAPPI Quality and Standards Management Committee (QSMC)
Chairman - Ben Frank, Packaging Corp. of America
Supervises the program for Standards, TIPs, and Useful Methods and develops and maintains the guidelines for the development and review of these documents.

All industry participants in these groups are volunteers. Great work to develop and maintain usable test methods and standards for the industry is done through these committees.

If you have questions, want to suggest a new test method or standard, or want to participate in the process, contact Todd Popson

Monday, October 26, 2015

Ways to Increase Bulk and Stiffness of Paper

At the 2012 International Paper Physics Conference in Stockholm, June 10-14, 2012, Jin-Ho Lee and Jong-Moon Park produced a study titled, "Evaluation of drying shrinkage velocity of paper to analyze bulk and stiffness changes of paper."
HSAThe aim of this study is to find out appropriate ways to increase bulk and stiffness of paper. Maximum drying shrinkage velocity is newly developed to verify bulk and stiffness improvement mechanism by evaluating drying behavior and drying impact of wet-web according to varying papermaking parameters. Physical properties of paper including bulk and strength were highly correlated with the maximum drying shrinkage velocity because fibers and their interfaces are shrunk during drying despite of fibers bonding interfering conditions by fillers and polymers. Paper bulk could be increased with decreasing the maximum drying shrinkage velocity. The drying shrinkage of paper also could be controlled by fiber-to-fiber bonding interfaces by the bulking agent. In this case, paper strength including stiffness was decreased by reducing fiber-to-fibers bonding but it be improved by strengthening fiber-to-fiber interfaces with polymer complex without loss of bulk.
This type of analysis can be performed by using the Emtec HSA - Heat Shrinkage Analyzer . It is a measuring instrument for the investigation of the dimension stability of paper/board/OPP foils under thermal load up to 230°C.
  • Main applications:
    • Runnability at professional laser printing machines and copy machines
    • Register
      • four color laser printing
      • offset printing
      • rotogravure printing, decor printing

Thursday, October 8, 2015

What would you like to see from Technidyne?

Technidyne has been introducing updated versions of many classic instruments in the last year.

Currently available:

Color Touch™ X (replacing the Color Touch™ and Color Touch™ 2)
Color Touch™ X
Color Touch™ 2

TEST/Plus™ Gloss 75° & TEST/Plus™ Gloss 20° (replacing the Glossmeter™ T480A)
TEST/Plus™ Gloss
Glossmeter™ T480A

Coming soon:

TEST/Plus™ Caliper (a more basic version of the PROFILE/Plus™ Thickness)

TEST/Plus™ Opacity (replacing the BNL-3 Opacimeter™)

What would you like to see updated? Or, is there something you would like from Technidyne that has not been provided in the past?

Comment or email.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Improvements in Roll Hardness Measurement

Technidyne started selling roll hardness measurement equipment a couple of years ago.  The instrumentation provided much needed improvements over the Schmidt Hammer which was designed for concrete measurement, not paper hardness. However, our customers were asking for several additional improvements in this technology and measurement area.  The ACA Systems RoQ (roll hardness profiler) provides many advancements.

Improvements in Roll Hardness offered by the RoQ:
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Integrated touch screen
  • Displays real-time profile data
  • USB data output
  • Barcode reader
  • 1 mm profile resolution
With over 50 roll hardness units already installed in North America by Technidyne, and with many of the new RoQ units on order, Technidyne customers are experiencing the cost savings associated with modern technology.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Color Touch™ X now shipping

The Color Touch™ X was released to production a few months ago and instruments have already been shipped to South America, Asia, Australia and in the United States. In addition to the capabilities of past Color Touch™ instruments, new features are coming which will allow for greater analysis in the UV-region of the spectrum (below 400 nm) and in the IR-region of the spectrum (above 700 nm).  Other additions will be coming in the form of APPS that can be purchased at the same time as the instrument or they can be purchased later.

Local sales and service personnel can provide information on the Color Touch™ X, its capabilities and APPS.