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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Standards Committee Activities: ISO & TAPPI

Last week during TAPPI CorrExpo in Louisville, KY, several standards committees met.  Each year these committees meet at least two times, once in the Spring and again in the Fall. All of these committees write, edit, review, update and withdraw test methods and standards that are used within the Pulp & Paper Industry.

US TAG to ISO TC 6 (TAG = Technical Advisory Group)
Chairman - Todd Popson, Technidyne Corporation
The US TAG is responsible for developing the United States position on proposed new work items and the review of existing work items for ISO TC 6 (Pulp, Paper and Board)

TAPPI Process & Product Quality Division Council
Chairman - Steve Berg, Thwing-Albert

TAPPI Optical Properties Committee
Chairman - Pat Robertson, XR Labs

TAPPI Pulp & Chemical Properties Committee
Chairman - Kelly Guay

TAPPI Tissue Properties Subcommittee
Chairman - Dave Loebker, Proctor & Gamble

TAPPI Physical Properties Committee
Chairman - Chris Czyryca, Collaborative Testing Services

TAPPI Standards Advisory Review Group (SARG)
Chairman - Laurence Womack, TAPPI
The group that gives final approval for TAPPI Standards

TAPPI Quality and Standards Management Committee (QSMC)
Chairman - Ben Frank, Packaging Corp. of America
Supervises the program for Standards, TIPs, and Useful Methods and develops and maintains the guidelines for the development and review of these documents.

All industry participants in these groups are volunteers. Great work to develop and maintain usable test methods and standards for the industry is done through these committees.

If you have questions, want to suggest a new test method or standard, or want to participate in the process, contact Todd Popson

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