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Thursday, October 8, 2015

What would you like to see from Technidyne?

Technidyne has been introducing updated versions of many classic instruments in the last year.

Currently available:

Color Touch™ X (replacing the Color Touch™ and Color Touch™ 2)
Color Touch™ X
Color Touch™ 2

TEST/Plus™ Gloss 75° & TEST/Plus™ Gloss 20° (replacing the Glossmeter™ T480A)
TEST/Plus™ Gloss
Glossmeter™ T480A

Coming soon:

TEST/Plus™ Caliper (a more basic version of the PROFILE/Plus™ Thickness)

TEST/Plus™ Opacity (replacing the BNL-3 Opacimeter™)

What would you like to see updated? Or, is there something you would like from Technidyne that has not been provided in the past?

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