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Friday, January 22, 2016

Brazil Agent Receives Service Certification

Filipi on a John Deere tractor at a farm in Indiana
Filipi Nicácio of Poli Instrumentos, Technidyne's exclusive sales and service agent in Brazil, was in for updated training this week.

Filipi received the latest training techniques on classic Technidyne instruments like the Micro TB-1C, Color Touch 2, and Color Touch PC.  He also received information and training on the PROFILE/Plus™Color Touch X and TEST/Plus™ products. He also received information and training on several new products that will be released to the Pulp and Paper Industry in the coming months. In addition  to Technidyne, Poli represents Mocon, Dansensor, Brugger, Haug Quality Equipment, M/K Systems, RDM Test Equipment and TMI. In 2015, Rodrigo from Poli also received service certification from Technidyne.

Technidyne has used Poli Instrumentos and principal, Mr. Richard Machoczek, as its exclusive agent for over 20 years.  Poli Instrumentos offers high quality testing equipment from around the world as well as technical support and complete after-sales services to the Pulp, Paper, Printing, Packaging and Pharmaceutical Industries. Poli is a provider of calibration materials for optical tests (via Technidyne). 

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