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Thursday, June 16, 2016

More than just brightness...

Technidyne has been known as the brightness company for years. Most in the Paper Industry think of optical tests such as brightness, color, opacity, gloss, fluorescence and whiteness. However, Technidyne has been manufacturing surface and physical testing equipment for years.

1998 Acquired Hagerty Technologies

2000 Parker Print Surf (PPS)
2001 PROFILE/Plus Roughness
           PROFILE/Plus Porosity
2003 PROFILE/Plus Grammage
2004 PROFILE/Plus Tensile Strength Alignment
           (fiber orientation)
2006 PROFILE/Plus Burst
2008 PROFILE/Plus Tensile
2009 PROFILE/Plus Formation

Technidyne also represents ACA, Emtec/AFG and Techpap for sales and service in North America. Some notable products include:

ACA RoQ (roll hardness)
ACA Permi (online porosity)

Techpap Morfi Compact (fiber morphology)**
Techpap 2D (formation)**
Techpap Simpatic (dirt & shives)**
Techpap Kheops (print mottle)
Techpap Pulp Inspector
                (automated pulp measurement
                - morphology, brightness, color,
                freeness, dirt & shives)

Emtec TSA (tissue softness)
Emtec EST 12 (surface and sizing tester)
Emtec PDA (dynamic penetration)

AFG CAS Touch! (charge analysis)
AFG FPA (fiber potential)
AFG DFA (dynamic filtration)

Get the same high quality customer service and support for all of your tests. Technidyne does more than brightness!

**available in lab and online

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