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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

ISO TC6 - Stockholm, Sweden (Day 1)

ISO TC6 (paper, board and pulp) is meeting in Stockholm, Sweden this week to review, update and issue International Standards for use throughout the world. The meetings are being held at the Swedish Standards Institute (SIS).

The US has three representatives at the ISO TC6 meetings. We try to cover all of the topics covered. Here are the US attendee this week:
   Colleen Walker (TAPPI)
   Dave Loebker (Proctor & Gamble)
   Todd Popson (Technidyne Corporation) - Chair of US Delegation

Monday's agenda included:
ISO TC6/WG1                 Cellulosic nanomaterials - Colleen
ISO TC6/SC2/WG39      Printability - Todd
ISO TC6/WG3                 Optical properties - Todd
ISO TC6/SC2/WG25      Surface roughness - Dave

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