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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

ISO TC6 - Stockholm, Sweden (Day 2)

ISO TC6 (paper, board and pulp) is meeting in Stockholm, Sweden this week to review, update and issue International Standards for use throughout the world. There are also some CEN (European Committee on Standardization) meetings being held at the same time.

The US has three representatives at the ISO TC6 meetings. The US attendees this week:

   Colleen Walker (TAPPI)
   Dave Loebker (Proctor & Gamble)
   Todd Popson (Technidyne Corporation) - Head of US Delegation

Tuesday's agenda included:

ISO TC6/WG4                 Chemical analysis - Colleen
ISO TC6/WG11               Estimation of uncertainty - Dave
ISO TC6/SC2/WG34       Flat crush resistance - Todd
ISO TC6/SC2/WG43       Paper stability - Dave
ISO TC6/TG2                   Environmental issues - Colleen
ISO TC6/SC2/WG27       Tissue test methods - Dave
ISO TC6/SC2/WG41       Contact angle - Colleen
ISO TC6/SC2/WG26       Microbiological test methods - Colleen

CEN/TC172/WG2           Paper & board for recycling - Todd
CEN/TC172/WG8           Tissue test methods - Dave & Todd

If anyone is interested in participating in these areas, please contact Todd.

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