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Monday, August 15, 2016

What is TSI Area and how is it used?

Most are familiar with the "peanut" ellipse the is produced from ultrasonic fiber orientation measurement devices. It is a numerical approximation used to transform the data into a polar diagram.  The area of this polar angle plot is the TSIArea .

With a well adjusted head box, the TSIArea is used to measure the influence of a change in jet-wire speed difference or pressure changes in the head box.

When comparing TSIArea in one running condition to another, a fiber quality index can be used to more easily explain the reason for the change.  Ideally, the operator of the device will enter the TSIArea(target) value based on statistically relevant measurements and the goals of the operation. When the sample is measured, both the TSIArea(measured) and the "fiber quality index" (ratio shown below) are displayed.

____________________________________       = fiber quality index   [no units, expressed as a decimal]


Technidyne has been selling fiber orientation measurement devices and helping people with their use of this technology for over 20 years. If you have experience using TSIArea, please share it here.

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