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Friday, September 30, 2016

Color Touch™ X Takes Off in Taiwan

The Technidyne Color Touch™ X, the latest in the family of spectrophotometers specifically for the Pulp & Paper Industry, was released in mid-2015. Among early adopters of the newest technology for optical measurements in the Industry are seven customers in Taiwan.

Asia has been a strong market for products like the Color Touch™ PC and Color Touch™ 2. The early movement of Taiwanese customers to the new technology is a sign of confidence in the products that Technidyne provides and the interest level in those customers to stay with the newest technology on the market.

Features that continue to make the Color Touch™ the head of the pack (and our competitors still have not caught on to):

  • Fully automated primary calibration - no more nightmares entering spectral data
  • Internal swing-in standard for improved repeatability and elimination of drift over time
  • High durability sphere coating - no yellowing like the barium spheres like our competitors
All of this is backed up by the most knowledgeable team with specific expertise related to the paper industry, it's applications, requirements and customers.

Check our our website on how to step up like so many customers around the world. Also, see to see how you can order standards and parts for your lab.

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