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Thursday, September 1, 2016

ISO TC6 - Stockholm, Sweden (Day 3)

ISO TC6 (paper, board and pulp) is meeting in Stockholm, Sweden this week to review, update and issue International Standards for use throughout the world.

The US has three representatives at the ISO TC6 meetings. The US attendees this week:

   Colleen Walker (TAPPI)
   Dave Loebker (Proctor & Gamble)
   Todd Popson (Technidyne Corporation) - Head of US Delegation

Wednesday's agenda included all items under SC2 which is a committee on "
Test methods and quality specifications for paper and board". In this meeting the attendees sit with their country delegation. This meeting involved a review of the activities in the appropriate working groups and approval of official resolutions to TC6. These resolutions require action on behalf of the group.

If anyone is interested in participating in TC6 or any relevant Working Groups or Standards, please contact Todd.

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