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Monday, September 19, 2016

Properties of Corrugated Container Boards

Recently I attending the ISO TC6/SC2 Working Group 34 on Flat Crush Resistance. I learned quite a lot. Here are a few items.

Liner, Medium, Single Face, Double Face, Double Wall (see image below)

Source: Scott, Tosset, "Properties of Paper: An Introduction", TAPPI Press, 1989, 143.

Flute - wavy section added to liner to provide greater strength (see different types below)

Properties of Corrugated Containers

1 - Correct bursting strength and basis weight of facings to meet Rule 41 in the Uniform Freight Classification

2 - Stacking Strength
  • Compression strength
  • Edgewise compression strength
  • Thickness of combined board
  • Flat crush resistance
3 - Shipping and Handling Resistance
  • Dropping, tumbling, impact resistance
  • Scuff resistance
  • Surface friction
  • Puncture resistance
4 - Printability

5 - Cleanliness

6 - Tearing Strength

7 - Water Resistance and Wet Strength

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