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Thursday, September 15, 2016

TEST/Plus Calipers Ship to Korea

Technidyne shipped the first two TEST/Plus Caliper units to Korea this week. The new caliper instrument is available in paper/paperboard and tissue versions. The TEST/Plus Caliper is one of a new generation of laboratory test equipment from Technidyne which 
provides features such as:
  • Fast measurement
  • Meets TAPPI and ISO Standards
  • Adaptive interface
  • Averaging and statistics
  • Data trending
  • Multiple sample evaluation
  • Printer
  • Bluetooth administrative interface
  • Touch-screen user interface
  • Compact design
All TEST/Plus devices have basic measurement capabilities for a budget-friendly price. Additional features can be added by purchasing applications for your particular needs, including: statistics, print, export and database. The Technidyne PROFILE/Plus Thickness (Caliper) has been available for over 15 years. Step into something modern, something inexpensive, something easy to use and something new. 

Also, see information on:
         TEST/Plus Gloss
         TEST/Plus Opacity

What other TEST/Plus devices would you like to see?

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